Friday, June 15, 2007

June 2007 Book Reviews

I write a review column called "Hooked on Reading" for Hooked on Phonics/Reading Rainbow. Each month I recommend 5 children's titles for busy parents on the lookout for great books their kids might like. HOP clients, RR devotees, and other interested folks can sign up to get the free newsletter via email, and of course anyone can also view it online. I've been writing the column for just over a year, and it's a great little ongoing gig. It takes about a day and a half from start to finish.

Click here to see the June issue online. It just came out a few minutes ago. Those who receive the email version get a few extras, including a parent letter (written by me to sound like HOP is talking) and my byline.*

*An aside for my freelancing comrades: My attempt to negotiate getting credit on the site failed. But because I got the fee I asked for, I decided not to turn it into a deal breaker.

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