Monday, June 13, 2011

Change Happens, Yes It Does

I've decided I'd better BLOG something before a squatter takes over this empty space. In other words: (Have Been) Gone But (Have) Not Forgotten.

Still a writer. Still writing. Still interested in the topics of writing, children's literature, publishing, freelancing, and so on and so forth. Still interested in blogging about all of it.

But, see, I've been going through a growth spurt (creative! professional! personal!) for a while now, and that spurt has made me step back and often feel unable to quite "get to" topics that fit within my blog's themes without also talking about the attendant growing pains I've been feeling. I think that's because so much of my energy has been focused on processing the growth and accepting that change happens — like, at all. Apparently I can do that processing and work (for food) at the same time, but I really can't do it all while blogging (for my entertainment) with any regularity or sense of purpose.

The good news is that I've re-emerged (same me, really, just different) and planted my feet back on the ground. I suppose I could have said "planted my hands back on the keyboard," but they never actually left it. I can feel them there again, though, and that's the kind of change I can get behind and keep pushing up my own little hill.

See you back here, and soon!