Monday, November 15, 2010

I Love to Write (and That's the Name of the Day)

Today is national I Love to Write Day — did you know?

Now, I don't need a holiday-type day to love writing or to do my writing. You probably don't either. But it's fun that it exists, and I like (a) that the founder got it recognized in the first place and (b) that he focuses on getting kids fired up about writing by providing ideas/encouragement for classroom exercises and school-wide events.

ILW has been celebrated for the past nine years. I think I've been aware of it since the beginning, but I'm almost sure the day/any hype passed outside my notice last year. I used to loosely track the day, so I just wondered to myself, "Why did I stop?"

One second of thought later, and I'm sure it's because there used to be so much less writing-related noise news coming to my immediate — and fleeting — attention. Who can keep up?

Ah, well, a topic for another blog.

Meanwhile, and back to the point:

Happy I Love to Write Day. May you write long (passages) and prosper!

Thursday, November 04, 2010