Friday, July 06, 2012

Taking Back My Blog

So many post ideas, so little blogging! What's up with that?

Seriously. I'm asking. Except that, actually, I think I know. As mentioned earlier, I've purposefully rearranged my freelancing schedule to commit more of this year's time to getting through my pretty-pet YA WIP. The one I've been pondering for (eek!) decades now and seriously working on for the past year.

That commitment means a lot to me. A LOT. And, so, because the writing — which by most of your saner external measures has gone really, really well — is never quite where I want it to be (let's face it, that means "done"), the Voice in My Head is less than nurturing. She might even be a bit trash-talky. Which, in turn, makes me shy away from the blog. I just don't want that voice writing here, not even in a veiled form.

So, this is the part where I step in to take back my blog. I am perfectly capable of writing in my own dang voice, thank you. Miss Voice can just shut her pie hole. (Which really is a shame for her given that my research includes lots of pie-making practice.)

Because you know what? Writing about my process is one of the points of having a writer's blog. !!! And, just like life with a capital L, that process gets messy sometimes — and messy isn't bad. It's not to be feared. It's just a thing.

More blogging it out to come.