Monday, January 22, 2018

The Blog Log

Hoo-boy, I count 11 blogs from the past 2 years just sitting in draft form — and another 17 dating back to 2003. Many of them are fully formed, even, yet they still didn't inspire me to pull the "Publish" trigger.

In most cases, I can tell that I'd taken a break with the intention of coming back in an hour or the next day for one last look. But come back, I did not.

I do have a handle on why my blogging enthusiasm waned. Things changed. Life happened. Stuff I enjoyed doing felt more like chores once other stuff I wanted to do slipped through my fingers. Then life kept on happening. (Lots of it good, but change is change.) Oh, and I . . . as did we all . . . joined Facebook, to name just one thing Social.

Yes, I've attempted to return to regular blogging in the past. Well, no: I've had the idea that I should return to it — that not blogging was some kind of failure.

But right now I'm at one of life's many crossroads. (Maybe I'm at two. Can you be at two crossroads?) And, for the first time in years, I feel like blogging. As in, instead of making myself log on and write this post (any post), I couldn't stop myself.

Just like old times.

Watch this space for book news, musings on the writing life, and what I'm working on. If I really do get back into the swing, who knows — I might even return to keeping my website updated. Stranger things have happened, you know. (See: 2017.)