Saturday, November 02, 2013

Seattle Workshops for Editors
Taking a moment to plug two upcoming workshops I organized on behalf of the Editorial Freelancers Association's Seattle chapter. The instructors are all experts in the field, and each workshop offers a unique professional-development opportunity for freelance editors.

Note that these events are open to EFA members and nonmembers, and both require advance registration (see the course descriptions below for links to EFA's online registration form). Registration for each one will close 24 hours before its date or when we reach capacity, whichever comes first.

Workshop 1: Helping Authors Through the Self-Publishing Process
Learn how to help clients conquer the new frontier of publishing!

Saturday, November 9, 9:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
Seattle Public Library, 1000 Fourth Ave — Level 4, Room 2, Seattle, WA
EFA members $49 / nonmembers $64

Register here:


Publishing has changedand so, too, has the average client freelance editors see walk in the door. Once, we could help authors polish their manuscripts or tell a better story; we could even help them draft a proposal. But what happened next was up to agents, in-house editors in New York, and the vagaries of fate. Today, authors may still harbor traditional publishing aspirations or may be completely committed to going the self-publishing route. Whether self-publishing clients are looking to put out a Junior League cookbook, tell their life story, or publish the ongoing adventures of Argon the Space Pirate, freelance editors have an incredible role to play in helping them navigate the process.

At Girl Friday Productions, we have done it all, and we’ll help you help your clients:
  • Determine what services they need. Do they need a developmental edit? Do they need a copyedit or only a proof?
  • Decide whether they need outside help in addition to editorial (for example design, project management, and/or publicity and marketing services).
  • Choose between different self-publishing service providers.
  • Understand what’s needed for electronic conversion. In which formats do they want their book to appear?
  • Prepare for the role they will need to play in marketing their work and using social media.
Girl Friday Productions is the West Coast’s premier boutique editing, writing, social media, and book production company. While we all got our start in-house, since 2006 we’ve helped aspiring authors put their best work forward. Executive directors Ingrid Emerick and Leslie Miller will share editorial war stories and logistics, while social media pro Andrea Dunlop will give you an expert overview of how the publicity and marketing landscape for books has changed.

Workshop 2: Getting the Most Out of The Chicago Manual of Style
A great in-person opportunity to learn from one of EFA's most popular instructors!

Saturday, November 16, 9:00-11:00 am
Present Sense, 4131 Woodland Park Avenue North, Seattle, WA
EFA members $39 / nonmembers $54

Register here:


The Chicago Manual of Style is used to edit journal articles, academic papers, and trade and academic book manuscripts. This comprehensive style guide can be difficult to use, but mastering its intricacies transfers to using other specialized style guides. This workshop shares techniques from finding the most relevant citation to making decisions when Chicago and the dictionary don't agree. Bring Chicago—and the dictionary it's based on (Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 11th Ed.), if you have it—to do exercises and discuss concepts regarding this powerful editing tool.

Instructor Kris Fulsaas is a freelance editor and proofreader whose clientele includes Countryman Press, Media Partners, Sasquatch Books, Mountaineers Books, and Seattle Homes & Lifestyles. She is also an instructor in the University of Washington editing certificate program. In her 33 years in publishing, Kris has worked in-house as a book production editor and a magazine production manager.