Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chewandswallow Goes Hollywood

The classic picture book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs imagines life in a town where food drops "like rain from the sky." (That's good, right? Or is it? Read the book, please!!) It's a fantastic concept and, as evidenced by the forthcoming movie version's official trailer, it should prove fantastical on the big screen.

Take a peek:

It certainly looks, um, animated. But (to me) it already feels very different, stylistically, from the book. What do you think?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebrating Children's Book Week

The beginning of Children's Book Week (that's this week, May 11–17) started with a bang, with lots of coverage all over the kid-lit/publishing blogosphere. All week long, children, schools, libraries, booksellers, parents, writers, and publishers nationwide (whew, lots o' folks!) have been participating in special reading- and books-boosting events — and we all hope this kind of focused collective effort helps create the kind of attention and momentum that inspires (reminds?) kids to choose reading as a fun leisure-time activity throughout the upcoming summer break and, of course, beyond.

I know the week is ending, but I thought it would be nice to help keep the love flowing during its last gasp. So to the blog I'm taking!

How am I observing this event? Well, for starters, I hauled myself to the bookstore last weekend to support great children's books by putting my money where my mouth is. Love, love, LOVE the library, always. Love sharing books, too. But sometimes (who am I kidding? more times than is probably prudent) I want my own copies and just go get them. I bought The Graveyard Book so I can finally catch up with the reigning Newbery winner; Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success, a character-ed picture book created for the school market (I wrote its accompanying teacher resource several years back using the manuscript's Word file!); and a classic cute-doggie novel, Ginger Pye, to pass along to an 8-year-old girl.

Next up for me is this weekend's local SCBWI conference, where I'll spend two long, intense-but-wonderful days immersed in sessions dedicated to the craft and business of creating the very works that Children's Book Week honors. Seems like the perfect capper to me, and I can't wait!

Friday, May 01, 2009

NaPiBoWriWee Starts Today!

You've heard of NaNoWriMo, right? Where thousands of masochistic writers EACH try to churn out a full-length novel in one frenzied month? Well, picture book writers, rejoice! Your event has arrived on the scene:

Today marks the launch of the first-ever National Picture Book Writing Week (that's NaPiBoWriWee to you . . . I think I'll stick to saying the words), in which participants write a complete picture book every single day for one full week.

Author Paula Yoo established the event and is hosting its various activities at her blog, May 1-7. Head over there for all the details, including how to register and participate. Looks like a lot of fun!