Monday, August 23, 2010

Plugging EFA's Fall Classes

It's that time of year again — time for me to plug the fall course lineup I put together as education chair for the Editorial Freelancers Association.

First up, starting September 21 in Seattle, is the NEW-to-EFA 12-week The Artist's Way Class based on Julia Cameron's bestselling book on creativity, The Artist's Way. This is an excellent opportunity to work through Cameron's program (and more!) in a fun and supportive group setting. The class meets Tuesday evenings through December 7 at Present Sense.

Next, we have a trio of online classes (by far our most popular format!) to suit a number of professional-development needs:
  • Proofreading — starting September 23. Taught by our popular copyediting instructor, this 5-week online course is a great intro to proofreading for anyone wishing to explore the topic or expand their editorial skills.
  • How to Get Freelance Writing Work — starting October 13. If you want to write great pitches, make more effective business calls, and sell higher-paying stories, this 5-week online class is for you!
  • Navigating the Children's Writing Biz — starting October 29. This NEW 4-week online class demystifies the business side of children's publishing. Lessons cover the market, must-have resources, submissions processes, and networking.
Then later in the fall, we're heading East to sponsor three more in-person workshops:
  • Substantive Editing I — November 6. This one-day clinic is held at EFA Headquarters in Manhattan focuses on editing for clarity. The instructor uses a mix of lecture, in-class exercises, and group discussion.
  • Substantive Editing II — November 13. Picking up where the first clinic leaves off, this workshop — also held at EFA Headquarters — delves deeper into the art of substantive editing. The clinic stands alone, and you don't need to have taken SE I to register. (Note that there is a 20 percent discount for those taking both clinics.)
  • Introduction to Indexing — December 4. This NEW half-day workshop in Richmond, Virginia (a new location for the education program!), gives freelancers an overview of indexing as an editorial discipline and helps them think about adding indexing to their list of services.
I am really looking forward to this season!

For full course descriptions and to use EFA's secure online registration system, visit the catalog page today. And do feel free to help spread the word!

Friday, August 06, 2010

May the Force Be with Me (or Somesuch Thing)

Han Solo, are you there?
Last year I blogged about writing six nonfiction picture books in six weeks. I thought that was ambitious.

Whoa there, kids, hang on a second. I should clarify: I knew that was ambitious.

I'll be wrapping up a book I started yesterday by the end of TOday. (Knock on wood.) (No, wait, that implies it might not happen. Must make it so.)  And then guess what?

Four more books by next Friday the 13th.