Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy New, New Year!

Hey, You(s?) — I finally made it to 2012!

Yes, yes, I certainly existed and definitely even functioned during January and February of this very year. But March is the first month in which I've been able to exist (and even function) in the 2012 space I set my sights on inhabiting late last fall.


I reprioritized my professional life so that I'm actually available to pursue the goals at the top of my list. These include
  1. Finishing and submitting my YA historical novel WIP (1/2 of a first draft complete)
  2. Ditto that for my humorous picture book WIP (full first draft in hand)
  3. Repurposing the three previously sold full manuscripts whose rights reverted to me after a few publication schedules were canceled in the Downturn
Turns out that making significant changes to your day-to-day work life takes a wee bit o' time. Old projects to finish, new goals-friendly projects to pursue/secure, other activities to step away from . . . and all that.

But. Here I am. Right where I want to be and ready to get it all DONE.

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