Saturday, June 23, 2007

Is It Leading When You're Online?

I noticed this morning that the leading, or line spacing, is all wonky on a few of my recent posts. The font and type size displays differently in a couple of spots too.

I searched Blogger Help for a fix and ended up spending the next hour chasing my tail through a heap of civilian-created blogs on blogging. They lure you in with titles like Blogger for Dummies, Tips 'n' Tricks for Idiots Who Blog, and Hey, Fool — What Makes You Think YOU Can Figure This Out (Fool!!)?

My conclusion is that I don't need an answer today. "Step away from the Google, Lisa. Step away."


Peter said...

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the link to Blogger for Dummies, however I don't like the bit about leading you on. I will explain later. Actually that blog is only occassionally updated to keep it on the search engine radar screen for reasons you will find right at the top of the main page.

The blog has mainly been replaced by Blogger Tips and Tricks which many bloggers have found useful and helpful. See the comments they left in the blog: Comments left in Blogger Tips and Tricks.

The blog even got outside recognition by a human DMOZ editor who says he found the blog informative and have listed it in the most important directory. See DMOZ, the most important directory and the hardest to get listed in, and Blogger Tips and Tricks got listed even without submitting. Incidentally you get a link to a site that give you tips on how to submit your site to DMOZ (or Google Directory, they are the same).

Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
Dummies Guide to Google Blogger
"online book" in progress

Lisa said...

Hi there Peter,

I think that you've misinterpreted my post title — "leading" (pronounced with a short "e," as in LEH-ding) is a publishing term that refers to line spacing in a printed manuscript. In my post title, I'm asking (just myself, really) whether line spacing displayed in an online format is called leading. So, I was not saying that your blog "lead me on." Hope that makes sense. The whole point was simply making fun of myself for not being able to find an answer to my problem in guides written for the dummies.

Thanks for writing!