Friday, June 29, 2007

Book of the Months

I'm about to call it a week. My SO returns from a 21-day business trip tomorrow, and we agreed to shun all things work until next Thursday. I decided to knock off a little early today and get a few weekend-type chores out of the way. (I could have done several of them during my three weekends as a single girl. But oh well.)

Anyhoo, I usually update my author site the evening before the 1st of each month. But I went ahead and did it today. Think anyone will notice? Or care? I don't!

Most months, unless I have a new title to add, all I really do is change the "Book of the Month" and "Quick Picks" options on my home page and update the News/Events section as needed. Today I did everything except change the featured book. June and July are my slowest traffic periods, so I figure my buddy Quasimodo can reign for two months running.

I've been seriously considering converting completely to the blog-as-author-site model. I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my current Web host is adding a blogging feature to its sitebuilder. I'm trying to hang on until they roll out the update before making any big decisions. The waiting has gotten old, though. They've been promising the new sitebuilder for almost two years now. Now they say "late spring 2007." Hmmmmm.

I can probably hold on a bit longer. But not much.

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