Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Selling Myself

I am in between projects at present. Waiting for new writing guidelines to come in. Any. Minute.

Meanwhile, I'm spending ALL of today and tomorrow (even if the guidelines get here, which they won't until Friday) looking ahead to potential new business. On my list of things to send out: a simple "Hello, I am here" email to two regular clients; an updated publications list with samples to a developer asking for same; a nonfiction proposal to a publisher I've worked with in the past; a reply to a foreign publisher asking me what I do; and a writer-in-residence application for next year.

If I still have extra time, I'll implement some sorely-needed updates to my author site and editorial services site. Those poor dears need to be ushered into 2010.

Exciting days in the life of a writer-for-hire!

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Robin, of Two Songbirds Press said...

Hi Lisa. Isn't it amazing how much time just keeping these updates to our sites takes? My dad was a small business owner, and he never took a vacation. As an editorial freelancer, I try to keep a particular schedule, so I'm ON THE CLOCK doing jobs for which I'm getting paid on weekdays, and billing, and follow-ups. The blog, the website, the volunteer work-- they still happen on Sundays. I think this is our true challenge as indie business people. Workin' it. Always.