Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clearly, I Need a Schedule

Ever since purposely going off my established blogging schedule (three years ago? more years ago?), I've struggled with resuming any kind of blogging schedule at all. The post-as-I-can approach was supposed to be temporary. A few weeks, maybe. Ha!

I've blogged more regularly this year, but "more regularly" doesn't exactly make for a truly active blog in this case. Sigh.

On my to-do list for next week: Decide what I'm doing with the blog! Honestly, I know why I've had trouble reconnecting with it. But it really is time for me to figure out what I want the blog to be from here on out. I think it needs a bit of a thematic makeover. Not sure what that will mean, though.

While cogitating, I'm going to do the least I can do for the health of my little blog, and that is to schedule two posts per week. If I add it to my work calendar, I will do it. 'Cause I do not like to disappoint the boss.

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Jake P said...

I feel your pain. I do my darndest to post twice a week at Dr. Freelance and once a week at Jake's Take, but it's so easy to let paying deadlines take precedence. And, from a business perspective, I guess that's OK!

I am envious of the many, many people who can crank out an entry a day, but that's never been my style...I would burn out after about 2 weeks!