Saturday, December 08, 2007

Seeing Other Platforms

I registered at WordPress and started an L. L. Owens blog there too — it's just for testing purposes, though. I didn't enable the publicizing options.

So far I like the Blogger posting interface a bit better. But that may well be because I'm used to it. Hard to tell right off the bat. I do like the WordPress option that lets you add extra tabs/pages, even in the free version. A lot. The single-page view on here drives me crazy. I know you can view each entry as a separate "page," but I want tabbed areas to make the whole thing more useful and easier to work with.

I keep going back to my original wish to keep the blog and my author site separate, but maybe that's not as necessary as I once believed. With the right setup, the blog could easily be its own section on the overall site . . .

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