Friday, November 18, 2011

KidLit Quote of the Week #6

This quote, a lyric from the song "Your Life Is Now," has been running through my mind:

"This is your time here . . .
to do what you will do."

The former John Cougar Mellencamp makes a good point. It's that kind of so-obvious-we-often-miss-it fact we all "get" with a sharp gasp of deep understanding from time to time.

I'm in the midst of acting on my own most recent gasp, and because "what I will do" involves writing for children, it hit me that the very heart of any good story is characters doing what they will do, understanding (or coming to the understanding) that life is happening — and acting on the "Now what?"

Breaking news this is not.  But it's good to remember that life is art and art is life and now is IT.

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