Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Picture Book Series Coming Soon!

Early last year I wrote (and blogged about doing so) a six-title picture book series for Magic Wagon Books based on the theme of community. Finally, the series has a ballpark release date of September 2010!

Funny thing is, I only know this because I saw that the books had been added to Amazon. That means they have ISBNs and everything. Oh, and final-final titles, too, all under the series name Let's Be Social:
  • Make Friends
  • Family Gatherings
  • Go to School
  • Go Worship
  • Join a Team
  • Meet Your Neighborhood
Wish I had covers or other illustration samples to share, but right now I'm just excited to know that the books are, in fact, coming soon. This was a challenging project for me — six books in six weeks — but I had lots of fun working on it.

More later, of course!


Carmela Martino said...

How wonderful. Congratulations, Lisa!

Lisa said...

Thank you, Carmela!

JSimmon said...

Congratulations. That is so exciting. I've recently began researching writing children's picture books and everything involved in the process. Do you have any helpful advice for me? I have three rough drafts for three that I continue to revisit and revise. How long did the whole process take for you? How was the process of sending out your manuscripts?

Congratulations to you again. I hope someday I can share this kind of excitement not just for you but for myself as well. God Willing