Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fooled Me!

It was absolutely gorgeous here today. Bright blue skies, cherry blossoms swaying in the breeze . . . that kind of day. As I walked the dog, my brain churned out ideas faster than I could handle them, all related to a YA novel I sketched out last fall but haven't yet started writing. The story ends in springtime — early May, to be exact — on a bittersweet note that I'm excited to try to achieve. I haven't had much time to seriously think about it since formulating the basic plot. But I guess all that Spring outside just took me there. I love it when that happens!

For at least 30 minutes (all during the walk and due, I guess, to my reaction to the weather), I was convinced that I was experiencing May 1. The actual date shouldn't matter when you're feeling inspired, but apparently I needed it to be May today for just a bit. So May it was.

Near the end of the walk, I happily trotted along, looking mostly at the birds or the grass or the trees. I wasn't watching my step at all. And that's when I took a sitcom-worthy slip on a banana peel (it was a figurative peel, I'm afraid; BLAST you people who don't pick up after your pooches!) and landed squarely on my backside.

I remembered it was April 1 mid-pratfall. So, April, congratulations — you got me!

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