Saturday, March 29, 2008

Website Redesign Inching Forward

It's probably more precise to say that it's milimetering forward. But forward the redesign is moving. I just finished dispensing with my old theme. It was looking bad on many post-2003 browser versions, so I changed it to something a bit more spare. The host providing the themed templates told me a while back that my original theme was particularly buggy. That was in late 2004, which is also when the host started working on updated sitebuilding templates to be unveiled in 2005, then 2006 (I did some beta testing) . . . it's well into 2008, and whatever problems preventing the actual launch of the new sitebuilder must still be present.

No matter, though. I already decided to go another way, so their plans don't affect me. Too bad mine do! It's tough to find the time to do what I want to do. But I'm getting there. Next steps will be to merge my site and the blog.

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