Saturday, January 12, 2008

It Must Be Time to Write

So far today I have:

Initiated a pancakes-and-sausage breakfast, cleared off some counters, done the dishes, made a grocery list, checked email (twice), visited two discussion boards and added my 2 cents to one, commented on a friend's personal blog, hard-boiled some eggs (?), made 3-bean salad (??), tracked a UPS package, cleared off part of the kitchen island, asked my husband what he wanted to do today that might involve me (this after stressing last night that I'd be writing all weekend), unpacked a Target bag that had been sitting on the ledge since last weekend, stocked the guest bathroom with extra toilet paper, asked my husband whether he had a preference for the orientation of the roll (all these years and we have never discussed that; turns out we don't care), organized the top of my desk, and basically avoided getting down to business.

Time to write . . .

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