Monday, November 19, 2007

I Spy Site Upgrades

Both of my Web sites need makeovers. I built them in 2003, and I'm sure my failure to renovate in the years since violates every principle of good Web sense. My author site still looks decent in Internet Explorer, but it looks awful in Firefox and Safari. Because my editorial services site sports (yeah, it wishes!) a cleaner, more basic look, it's not as wonky looking in the latter two browsers — but it does not display as the push-button template intends.

I can think of many more reasons why it's past time for me to explore other options. For example, the page-per-book format is no longer right for my author site. Too unwieldy. And the editorial site needs a different vibe, I think.

I'm looking at new hosts, different sitebuilder options, switching to blog-only platforms, and the possibility of — gasp! — paying someone to help. I am interested in this part of my business; but I often find it hard to take time away from the work that results in a reasonably quick payoff (read: "Check's in the mail!") to give it the attention it deserves.

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