Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amazon Has (Some of) the Answers

I have two nonfiction books — a Ben Franklin biography and a history of the Great Chicago Fire — slated for release this month. I didn't know their official publication date till I saw it on Amazon a while back. (The author is always the last to know.) It's sooner than I expected, given that I wrapped up my work on them during the 2006–2007 holiday season. That seems like yesterday. The books I do for the school and library market usually take a good 18 months, 2+ years even, to make it to publication. One nice thing about the earlier pub date is that I still remember writing both books. With about 60 titles under my belt, sometimes I kinda don't.

I checked the Amazon listings today, just to see if cover images had been added or the books had gone on sale. No such luck. No mention of them at all yet on the publisher's site either. Oh well. Sooner or later, a box o' books will show up on my doorstep, and the cycle will be complete.

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