Monday, April 30, 2007

Long Time No Blog

It's been a busy April, and I'm just now taking a breath and remembering that I started this blog.

Let's see, since last I blogged, I finished teaching my online Children's Writing Workshop. I posted final feedback for the students just last night. They all did some great work, and I expect to see many published works from them in the future.

EFA sponsored the class, and we used a Yahoo! Groups forum. I coordinate and serve as moderator for all EFA online classes, so I'm pretty familiar with the problems that can arise, either real or perceived, but this season has been a bear in terms of Yahoo!–specific glitches that interfere with messages, Groups access, and so on. To that, I say, "Grrrrrrr." I do appreciate that the service is free and easy to use. But I'm in complaint mode.

Today I started testing the beta version of the new sitebuilder Authors Guild is launching soon. From what I can tell so far, it features some nice upgrades. I'll definitely stick with it for my author site in the short term (what does that mean — through the summer? end of 2007? I don't know). I have 50 pages of content on my author site and 5 (I think? bad not to know off the top of my head) on my editorial services site, so I'm in no huge rush to re-create my wheel. I've started thinking about other options, though, including switching one or both domains to a blog platform like WordPress or TypePad. Um, yeah, or Blogger. Too soon to tell what I'll decide. Comment me if you have thoughts!

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