Friday, March 02, 2007

Inaugural Post (for Realsies)

Welcome to my new blog!

True, I've said that before—but this time I am ready to roll with it. I first registered on blogspot in late 2003 at about the same time I launched my author site, I have maintained the site since then, but for some reason I let my little blog sit, gathering cyber dust in virtual oblivion. Poor little lonely thing. All I can say is that time flies and other stuff got done instead.

Fast-forward to November 2006, when I decided to breathe some life into the blog. First, I poked around the WWW to try to determine whether Blogger was the right fit for me. (Slowly, I determined that I am not sure.)

Then my too-affordable-to-write-off Web host recommitted to updating its sitebuilder, with upgrades to include an integrated blog, so I sort of held off for a bit hoping to test what I already pay for during the 2006 sitebuilder roll-out window I'd been hearing since 2005. But, hey, the upgrade thing—while I'm sure it will happen
sometime—is not going to materialize in concert with anything I might like to do. So it's time to get to blogging by testing this nice free provider. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do. Right . . . now.

About what will I blog?

Good question. (And my apologies to Sir Churchill.) For now the plan is to chronicle my experiences as a working writer who specializes in creating fiction and nonfiction for kids. (I use the pen name L. L. Owens for all my children’s books.)

Topics will include everything from my writing process to industry news to the day-to-day business of earning a living as a children’s writer. I will talk about the whats, whys, and hows of my work; share the perks&pleasures&pains of the writing life; and generally just ramble on about the children’s writing–related topics that appeal to me.

you are interested in learning more about my background, published works, and so on, please feel free to check out my author site and my more general editorial services site. There is more professional info in those two spots than even my most beloved loved ones wish to know, so consider yourself warned.

Until next time,


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Anonymous said...

Great looking blog! I'll subscribe and look forward to many unadulterated glimpses.