Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Relevant Spam

Oh, I hope I don't regret using the actual phrasing here, but I got a chuckle this morning after discussing a writing problem via email (with a writer friend) and then — very shortly after my last Send — receiving a piece of spam with the subject line "Proven Remedies for Your Writing Problem." (Confused reaction to seeing the subject and unfamiliar sender's name was "Huh?! What do YOU know about MY writing problem!?!")

It made me think about how quickly I see an uptick in targeted email promotions and vaguely topical filter-outsmarting spam after visiting a couple of online merchants with whom I have accounts. Which always bugs me.

However. I really don't think my pal's email is set to send out spammy messages related to our electronic correspondence. It sure was funny timing for the note, though!

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