Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Smackdown Week 2 (Almost) Under Way

Oh boy, it's Week 2 of the Summer Revision Smackdown.

Firstly, I'll report that I met all of my Week 1 goals. So there. Revision-related progress included choosing one first-draft manuscript to focus on (bingo!), creating a slide show of setting photos (bonus!), making a few notes/changes (bam!), and mercilessly deleting several pages of useless filler (boring!).

Secondly. Hmm. Well, dang. Deep breath. Secondly, I'll report that it's basically Week 2's Wednesday already (since my office is shut down for the night and I'm just dashing off a quick blog on the laptop while waiting for my husband to pick me up for dinner) and . . .

I. Have. No. Plan.

Yikes. I feel rushed and pulled in other directions this week, but I don't want to let the whole Smackdown challenge slide. Therefore, I vow to check in tomorrow with a doable goal or three.

Anyone have any ideas???

Meantime, here's a link to today's post about revision on literary agent Nathan Bransford's blog. I haven't read it yet, but I just noticed the title in my sidebar and wanted to flag it for later.

I will hop back on the horse tomorrow!


Cuppa Jolie said...

It's Wednesday, Lisa...definitely time for a major crack of the whip. Hopefully you're off to a lashing start. If not, I'm here for your requested kick in the pants. :)

Go, girl, go!

Hey, and my verification word is:
goesses (I think it's plural for goes...and goes...and goes...on revisions)

Lisa said...

That word verification is hilarious.

Jennifer K. Mann said...

I think even just being aware of the possiblity of a smackdown in the future is a plan. Just checking in on other's revision progress is a plan!

holly cupala said...

This kick is probably a little late, so I'm getting in a preemptive one for tomorrow: Whirplash! Lisa, you're going the distance here. Don't be discouraged! Let no licorice go unanswered. ;)