Monday, July 13, 2009

Does Summer Always Go This Fast?

Of course it does. Faster every year, as we all know.

When summertime was still "coming up" this year, I thought of it as this long, sunshiny stretch of found time to have more fun (in general) and get more personal writing done (in particular). Although I am as predictably shocked as everyone else that mid July is upon us — and mildly panicked that the season will slip through my fingers before I even notice — if I take a truly objective look at my activity schedule and extra, non-work-related writing output, it's clear that I've been succeeding at actually finding a little time . . . and using it, too.

The trick for me on days like this hectic wish-it-was-a-May-Sunday Monday, I think, is to take a moment to deeply appreciate that summer fun has actually happened, fully acknowledge that personal writing HAS progressed (thanks, SRS, for adding some oomph!), and remember to eagerly anticipate whatever may come from any of it.

Bloggy break over. Back to work now.

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