Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Book: The Great Chicago Fire

My new book The Great Chicago Fire was recently released by ABDO Publishing. Thought I should mention that here since I'm not updating my author site for the time being.

I finished Benjamin Franklin last December and then got right to work on this one. I really enjoyed both books, but this one was especially fun to research and write because I lived in Chicagoland for a few years and could visualize the city and its post-fire growth.

The book gives the middle-grade audience an exciting overview of the devastating 3-day conflagration — from the first smoke sighting to the peak of the deadly fire to the lasting controversy about how it started (and who was to blame). Also included are survival stories, a look at how the city literally rose up from the ashes, and fascinating period images, such as maps and artworks depicting the fire and the city's response to it.

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