Friday, February 08, 2008

Smoke in the Office, No Fire in the House!

Thank goodness!

As I ate lunch and wrote a quick post for a personal blog, I started smelling mac 'n' cheese. Interesting, since nobody else was home. But I didn't pay too much attention. Then I heard an unfamiliar whirring coming from the washing machine. (It's in the basement, about 10 feet from my office.) I did stop and listen for a sec but, again, I quickly got over my curiosity and back to my break. Hey, typing up personal news while eating a ham sandwich takes concentration (not to mention dexterity).

Next thing I knew, smoke was wafting into my office and I was flying around the house to find/shut down the source (washing machine motor), check everywhere for evidence of fire, and make sure my pup was safe. For that last one I ran to every possible hiding spot inside, fearing I'd find her shaking in a corner, but instead I found her outside in the farthest corner of the backyard just waiting for someone to say, "Come on in!" My husband said we should call CNN with this exclusive: GENIUS FAMILY DOG SMELLS SMOKE, SAVES HERSELF. She's no Lassie, that one. But I'm glad — it's good that her instinct was to get out.

Next I opened all the windows, transferred my current work files to a jump drive, shut down my iMac, and unplugged the office power strip. Oh, and I may have tidied up the basement in case any firefighters showed up. I've been airing out the basement and working on my laptop in the living room all afternoon. Not an ideal office, but it's cold and smelly in mine now.

Didn't get a whole big bunch of writing done, but what else is Saturday for?

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