Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working Through THE ARTIST'S WAY

Some of you know that one of the classes formerly on deck for EFA's fall schedule was based on Julia Cameron's well-known creativity program-in-book-form The Artist's Way. It was supposed to start this week, but I had to cancel it Friday due to low registration. (And by "low registration," I mean NO registration. It happens!)

I had planned to take this course. After canceling, I looked into the instructor's other classes. Her workshops get RAVES. But the class times just weren't right for me.

So guess what. I've decided to work through the program on my own. Starting . . . before now . . . here is the plan.
  • I'll study one book chapter each week. (Did that on Sunday.)
  • I'll write daily morning pages — that's 3 pages of longhand stream-of-consciousness writing, first thing every day. (So far, so good.)
  • And I'll take myself on a weekly artist date — that's a solo activity of my choosing meant to feed my creative side. (I've got something BIG brewing to kick things off.)
Also, I'll track my thoughts 'n' progress on the blog. As I feel like it.

Wanna follow along . . . or cheer me on . . . or tell me about your own AW experience? Leave a comment here at the blog to let me know you're out there!

Meanwhile, I've got some work to do so I can justify slipping away for my date tomorrow night.

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