Monday, February 02, 2009

Juicy Advice

Tip of the day:

Resist the urge to lunch on grapefruit at your desk.

It might be a good idea to down some citrus as you try to pretend you didn't eat quite so many cheesy-dippy Super Bowl snacks. But don't do so at your desk hoping to save time as you cruise along toward Tuesday's — or any day's — writing deadline. It won't work.

Don't believe me? Just go ahead and see if you can actually type . . . or read . . . or even surf while stabbing and slurping your way through a plump, juicy Ruby Red. If you're like me, you may even lose a little precious writing time to the clean-up. Keyboards, monitors, and manuscript stacks don't dig the juice!


Jennifer said...

Ah, but if you PEEL your grapefruit, really thoroughly peel it, you can eat it with a spoon! No mess involved! (Except in the peeling)

From one grapefruit aficionado to another.

Vodka Mom said...

My mouth is watering a LITTLE and now I am craving a Ruby Red grapefruit. huh. Usually it's chips.