Friday, August 08, 2008

Icy TaB and Cool Rick Springfield on a Hot Summer Afternoon

I'm all caught up with paying work today, so I'm grabbing the opportunity to do a little brainstorming on one of my pet writing projects. ("Pet" for me means nobody has assigned it — I'm simply writing it because I want to.) I've been batting it around for a while.

It's a YA novel about two friends who continually miss the boat with each other. I want to explore how even the slightest misperceptions about a friend's words, actions, and intentions can derail even the purest of relationships. And I love the idea of looking at the situation through teens' eyes. Kids, especially good friends, spend more insanely concentrated time together than adults, so the story can unfold over a relatively short time period. No idea how the whole thing will pan out, but I like having a bit of time to play with it.

After lunch I grabbed a TaB to perk me up. (I buy a six-pack when it goes on sale around here, so once a year, tops. I still love it.) The bright pink can and saccharine aftertaste never fail to elicit sunny summertime memories from the late 70s and early 80s — a perfect place for my mind to touch on as I conjure the teenage mindset. I decided to further help that mindset along by also cranking a couple of tunes from my own teendom as I settle back in at my desk.

I must say, it's fun to blog and think about the story this way. Nothing screams "teen mind" at me more than the retro-intense enjoyment of an ice-cold TaB and the still-heart-stopping-strains of "Jessie's Girl."

Time to put my freshly inspired brain back to work!


Unknown said...

Rick Springfield's Jessie's Girl definitely brings those teen fun years to mind...but you must check out his new cd (came out last week) called Venus in Overdrive - the 1st song "What's Victoria's Secret" makes a few references to Jessie's Girl (so fun) and then the cd runs the gamut from sweet, rockin, to edgy or power pop. It's ambitious, but Rick Springfield doesn't disappoint - it's wonderful! Cheers and happy TABbing.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the comment about Venus In Overdrive!!! If you ever loved Rick Springfield tunes, you'll love him and his music even MORE now. :) His newest release is awesome! The title track is my favorite though. ;-)

LOL...I thought I was the only one who still liked TAB cola! I used to drink that stuff like crazy! I haven't had any in quite awhile. Now you have my tastebuds wanting some of that sicky-sweet stuff! :-P