Monday, March 17, 2008

Luck o' the Irish to You

Growing up, I observed St. Patrick's Day like everyone else around me: I made construction-paper 4-leaf clovers. Maybe ate a cupcake with green frosting. And I always, always wore something green. Had to, otherwise you got pinched.

I don't celebrate the holiday in any formal way now, but maybe someday I will. Turns out, I'm part Irish. While researching the 2006 book Coming to Ellis Island, I found out that the Owens side of my family came from Ireland — not Wales, as we'd previously believed

My writing career has brought a number of wonderful things to my life and experience, and a peek at my heritage is one of them. I think that's pretty lucky.

Here's hoping that everyone doing some writing today (or thinking about it) is touched by a little luck o' the Irish. Think about your "pot of gold" writing goals, then make like a leprechaun and go after 'em.

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