Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bargain Book Bonanza

I made a quick trip to my small neighborhood Barnes & Noble yesterday to pick up a bargain-priced title I'd ordered. I don't do a ton of shopping there because, frankly, I can get better prices and a wider selection online and at my favorite independent bookstores. I do frequently stop in, though, to take a look at books I might want to review (or purchase elsewhere).

Well, B&N apparently knew I was coming. Before I even made it inside, I'd filled my arms with $2 clearance books from the sidewalk carts. I got Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (16th edition; the 17th has been out for years, but I do not anticipate knowing what I'm missing); references on linguistics, the Middle Ages, ancient Egypt, and the Civil War; and a boater's handbook. I can use all of these for work, so that makes me happy.

I went straight to the library after that — again to pick up the one book I had on hold — and I left with two bulging bags of research for a project I'm doing on my own time.

Anyone else have a couple of nice, tall, wobbly book towers on your desk?

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