Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Write Kind of Day

It has been a great writing day for me. But let me back up for a sec. Yesterday was nice — so sunny and beautiful for a change. I was busy all day, and something about the sneak peek at spring offered inspiration and clarity for a couple of pieces I'm working on in my so-called spare time. What the day did not offer, however, was time to do anything about it. So this afternoon, I carved out some time to act on my ideas — before they got pushed aside or, worse, forgotten.

I've just had a quiet few hours of nothin' but writing. No deadline crunch or publisher emergencies, nobody needing my help or input (maybe that's bad from a business standpoint, but oh well), no real interruptions . . . just me tapping away on my keyboard.

To recap, it has been great! This kind of opportunity/mood/groove/whatever you want to call it is rare for me, even as a full-time writer, so I simply wanted to take a moment to appreciate it. And blogging it provides a nice record for the next time I'm wondering when last I did such a thing.

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