Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stay Tuned for a Special Valentine's Day Giveaway (or Two)!

Are you excited for tomorrow?

I am, and here's why:

I get to celebrate everyone's favorite love-it-or-leave-it Love Day with my real-life sweethearts (the husband and the greyhound) — and I'm also participating in a super-cool giveaway with my wonderful colleagues at Online Author Visits.

Don't ask for giveaway details, because those are TOP SECRET for now. But all will be revealed on our group's blog tomorrow. I can't wait!

Psst! If you are a teacher or librarian, trust me — you will want to keep an eye out for our Online Author Visits special Valentine's Day blog post. You can bookmark the blog or watch for the hashtag #onlineauthorvisits on Twitter.

And now, because I am officially in the spirit (please note the distinction between that and "into the spirits"), I thought I'd up the giveaway ante by hosting my own separate little giveaway thingy on this very blog tomorrow. This one is for kidlit writers. And it's gonna be GOOD.

See you soon!